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On December 3, the master class for participants of the Regional championship “Young Professionals” – “World Skills Russia-2018” took place within the walls of the “Del Rio” Flower House.

The purpose of the competition is to increase the prestige of working professions; the task is to attract young people to the production and services sector, as well as to improve educational programs.

This year a new competence – floristics – has appeared at the regional stage of the WorldSkills Championship. Young professionals from Tambov and Tambov region will compete in the art of creating flower compositions.

Creating bouquets is a real art, and future florists need to learn the principles of design. Lyudmila Ermakova, a professional florist designer and master florist, the founder of the family flower business, gave the master class.

Lyudmila creates a male bouquet right in front of the master class participants and explains all the details of the process. She also warns that the culmination of the competition for the participants will be the “Black Box”, a surprise task from the main expert. The real skill level of the florist will be checked with this task. “That means that homework can always be done painstakingly and for a long time, but the surprise task is a real skill manifestation,” explains Lyudmila.

Making a decoration which can replace a bridal bouquet will also be one of the tasks of the championship. At the master class, participants were offered one of the variants for creating such an element of the decor with an interesting base – a vanda flower.

Championship participants in floristic competence will have to meet many criteria: the unity of composition, technique and purity of performance, and even the meaning and logic of the bouquet. But the main thing is to present emotions and put in a good mood.

The Flower House “Del Rio” master class allowed the participants not only to revise the most important elements, but also to learn a lot of new ideas for creative work.